Sara virginia yongue

I was blessed to be named after two beautiful women, my grandmothers. While one has been close and the other far away; both have been a big part of my life and I have been proud to be named after both of them. 

I grew up in Southern Louisiana in Lafayette. I attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where I graduated in Public Relations and I am a proud Cajun (culturally and the kind from ULL) 

After graduation I began working at the Children's Museum of Acadiana (CMA) as the Public Relations Director. I learned a lot there and was able to put what I learned from ULL to good use. I then began to work with the Matthew Aaron Agency (MAA), a social media agency. I worked in many roles with MAA from management of social media to creating content for their many different clients. I eventually became the Creative Director where I put my photography, video, and graphic design skills to use.

I am now taking the leap and branching out to work on my own. I have done work in many different industries and I am continuing to grow and evolve in this field! I can't wait to continue to show you more of my work to come!