Virginia Creative Video


Bread & Circus Provisions

Bread & Circus is a fun client to have, they are super tongue and cheek and like to have fun with their food! Over the years I have created some fun content for them and we may have ruined a couple pizzas here and there…but it was damn fun doing it! If you’re ever in Lafayette, LA you should definitely check them out. B&C not only produces some bomb ass Neapolitan pizza but they also do a late night happy hour on Saturdays! It’s a chalkboard menu with wonderful deals on Jameson and Highlife. If you go on the right night you may even make it to a themed night like; Bobs Burgers or a Ramen Night. Love this restaurant for all of it’s cheekiness, wonderful food, and beautiful people!

Cellar Salt Co.

Jeremy & Alexis of Cellar Salt Co. needed a couple videos to promote their gulf sea salt for their Kickstarter campaign (which was fully funded!). I loved interviewing all of the amazing chefs and even taking a trip to the beach to get some great footage of Jeremey sourcing the gulf water for his salt. That’s right! He goes to the beach to and gets it himself! This is some of the best salt I’ve ever had; to be fair I’ve never done a salt tasting. But, Cellar Salt can be the right accent to any meal! Jeremy now owns Spoonbill Watering Hole in Downtown Lafayette, LA. if you’re looking for a beautiful outdoor setting they are the place to go. They have an amazing drink menu with some delicious food to match.


Vermilionville wanted more content to highlight all of the perks of being a member to increase their membership sales. Vermilionville is a cultural/museum center located in Lafayette, LA. They take you through time and make history a hands on learning experience. They also have a great restaurant and live music every Sunday! If you are visiting Lafayette I definitely recommend visiting and getting a more in depth look at the history of the Acadiana area.